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I am so lucky to have found Dr. Hess. He is such an amazing person, and more importantly, a genuine doctor, which is hard to find in Southern California. I have had one procedure done by him and it was painless and easy. At first, I was nervous, but he was very calming and made me feel at ease. I now recommend him to all my friends and family, and since, they have referred their loved ones to him as well. I only have great things to say about Dr. Hess and I only trust him to perform any procedure on me. Anyone who comes to his office will be more than pleased with any procedure they have done, just as I have. --Missy C.

Missy C., August 24, 2011


My name is Lorielle and I delivered my triplet daughters in 2006. During my pregnancy, I gained a total of 75 pounds. My body changed tremendously, as you can imagine. I was extremely self conscious and insecure with my post pregnancy body. I was told to "give it time" and worked out regularly and ate healthy, but no amount of exercise was ever going to change the stretch marks, loose skin and muscle damage I was left with. I was only 24 years old when they were born and not ready to live the rest of my life uncomfortable in cute clothes or, worst of all, a bathing suit. For three years following the birth of my beautiful daughters, I looked into the option of plastic surgery. I had four consultations with other well-known surgeons before I met Dr. Hess and finally felt confident in my choice. Many of the other doctors I met were impersonal and felt like "salesmen". I had left previous consultations overwhelmed, feeling like the surgeon was trying to "sell me" on certain procedures and convincing me I "needed" work done I'd never considered or wanted. This was a big endeavor that I was unwilling to put in the hands of just anyone. Choosing Dr. Hess was one of the best decisions I've ever made for myself. My experience with Dr. Hess was amazing. I appreciated his honesty and realistic approach. It's been a year since my surgery and my scars are practically invisible. I am thrilled with the results, much better than I expected. I had a quick recovery and appreciated the follow up and human connection Dr. Hess gave me. He is incredibly meticulous and talented with his work. I've recommended my friends and family to Dr. Hess, and would encourage anyone considering plastic surgery to take the time to find the right doctor that truly has a passion for what they do as Dr. Hess does. Best, Lorielle Mogab Berger

Lorielle, December 16, 2010


I would like to start by thanking Dr. Hess for performing a breast augmentation on me. I got silicone implants and people think my breasts are completely real. My breasts continued to look better and better as soon as the swelling subsided after surgery. Among all of my friends who have had their breasts done, Dr. Hess's work is noticeably more natural looking and proportionate to my body. I sent my cousin to Dr. Hess and she just got her breasts done too. He took a lot of time with me before and after the surgery. The care I got from Dr. Hess and his staff was first class. All the best, Vanessa

Vanessa, August 03, 2010


Dr. Hess is a great doctor. I was so nervous when I went to my consultation, but felt at ease when Dr. Hess spoke to me. He is down-to-earth and very knowledgeable. Dr. Hess is so nice too. He called me after my surgery to see how I was doing. I even called him late at night the following day, after my surgery, and he picked up and answered my questions. No doctor has ever showed how much he cared about his patients as Dr. Hess. I have searched for a doctor like Dr. Hess for a long time. I knew from the consultation that Dr. Hess was going to perform my tummy tuck and breast job. I have referred family and a couple of friends to Dr. Hess. I got many compliments from people about how great I look. I am very satisfied with his work and would never see anyone else. Thank you Dr. Hess!

Patricia H., January 23, 2011